What does UN WOMEN stand for?

Image What does UN WOMEN stand for?

What does UN WOMEN stand for? Through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has been advocating for Gender equality for many years. The rights of women have raised concerns especially regarding their personal and economic development.

UN Women stands for the United Nations Entity for the Empowerment of Women and Gender Equality. It is an entity within the United Nations which aims at empowering women. The entity has been operational since January 2011. UN WOMEN is a branch of the United Nations Development Group. Explore its objectives and missions in this article.

What are the main objectives of UN WOMEN?

UN WOMEN works to achieve gender equality. The women's liberation movement emerged in the late 60s. However, cases of domestic abuse and discrimination against women are still disheartening, even in countries where human rights have been long established. For this reason, the organization endeavors to put an end to all kinds of gender-based discrimination against women and girls.

The goal is to establish equality between male and female citizens. For this purpose, development efforts should benefit both men and women, regardless of their social, ethnic or religious background. They should enjoy the same rights, living in a peaceful community where harmony reigns.

What are the thematic areas of work of the UN WOMEN?

The UN WOMEN targets various entities of work. In order to achieve equality among men and women, several courses of action are undertaken by the organization. To cite a few, it is worth noting the following:

  • Taking part in humanitarian actions
  • Preventing, treating and fighting against sexually transmitted diseases 
  • Cracking down on any atrocities against women
  • Empowering female citizens to develop economically
  • Establishing harmony in the society and in each community
  • Fighting against social insecurity, crime and violence
  • Training women to become leaders and take parts in politics

Working to empower and develop inner strengths

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, is a supporter of the importance of empowering each individual with the “Knowledge” in order to build their inner strengths. He is the founder of the TPRF, a foundation which carries out humanitarian initiatives to give a hope to the possibility of global harmony.

By empowering women with the tools and means to help them become emotionally and economically fulfilled, their inner power develops. This allows them to raise their contribution in the society and contribute to poverty eradication.

If women are psychologically strong and financially independent, it is certain that sustainable development occurs in the whole nation. Only when women have fully developed their inner strengths can they fight for their human rights and speak out against any form of injustice or abuses, which are inflicted upon them. In this vein, it is obvious for women to contribute to the sustainable development of their nation and country.

What are the duties of the UN WOMEN?

UN WOMEN is responsible for providing assistance to inter-governmental organizations in drafting their policies according to the norms. The policies are submitted to the United Nations, and after checking the validity of the standards, the United Nations endows the requesting countries with adequate financial and technical assistance.

The next step consists of building corporations with the civil society. Obviously, empowering women is essential to make peace possible as Prem Rawat said in his unique message of peace.