Nicole Kidman : UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Nicole Kidman : UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Prem Rawat, the ambassador of peace, ;is renowned for his humanitarian actions and support for the deprived and needy people. He began to talk for peace when he was still 4. Later, he gave talks on peacekeeping in London and Los Angeles at the age of 13. His teachings are based on the attainment of inner peace in each individual in order to establish world peace.

A goodwill ambassador is responsible for advocating the well-being and the rights of individuals, or groups, or people in a country. The Australian American movie star, Nicole Kidman, was appointed a goodwill ambassador in January 2006. Her main functions consist of enhancing gender equality and campaigning for women's rights. Keep reading the article and discover Nicole Kidman's mission as a goodwill ambassador.

Ending violence against women

Nicole Kidman traveled around the world as the goodwill envoy for the U.N. Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). Her mission involves hearing to women narrating their stories about domestic violence and abusive relationships. As a goodwill ambassador, she is concerned with the plights of women who are subjected to abuses within their families.

She visited countries where women's rights are violated, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sudan, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. By advancing the rights of women, it is possible to boost the economic development of their home country.

Empowering women to speak out

Women and girls, who are victims of domestic violence and ill-treatment often intimidated. This terrorization refrains them from revealing what they are subjected to the authorities. As a result, it is difficult to put an end with the abuses and violence. In some regions, the local traditions and customs keep women and girls from attaining their rights. Among Nicole Kidman's duties as a goodwill ambassador, she is concerned with raising women's and girl's awareness of their basic rights.

In other words, Nicole Kidman is involved in enhancing women's rights to speak out in case of abuses. Apart from that, she is fighting for the repatriation of lost women, who have to leave their country because of wars. In order to achieve their personal development, goodwill ambassador, Nicole Kidman, promotes the revival of traditional weaving and crocheting skills to ensure quality production.

Fighting for gender equality

In many parts of the world, the treatment of men and women are still so different. Nicole Kidman fights for the rights of girls for education. She is also concerned about cracking down on the spread and transmission of HIV/AIDS in those parts of the world. While male children enjoy the full rights to be educated, girls in many parts of the world are denied of education.

Empowering the economy

Fostering gender equality reduces women's poverty. When most women in a country are deprived of education, the economic development of a country will slow down. By campaigning for gender equality, there are more opportunities for the nation to develop its economy.

Therefore, Nicole Kidman, being a goodwill ambassador, takes the lead in sponsoring humanitarian actions to respond to crises and fight poverty. This includes providing supports to reduce disaster risks and contributing to the economic recovery of the country.

Promoting peace and security

Nicole Kidman works closely with local authorities and politicians in order to establish peace and ensure the security of the country where they serve. She advocates for the rights of women and for the prevention of abuses against women. Likewise, Prem Rawat, is the ambassador of peace, he carries out humanitarian actions to build peace in the world.